Sell more Gift Cards with BizGyft!

Card Market, formerly Sterling Card Solutions, is your full-service gift card manufacturing company, is introducing a new company and business opportunity to expand your Gift Card Sales with BizGyft. Because you are a Card Market Pro/One Card Merchant, we are offering you an early opportunity to get involved and take advantage of this opportunity.

BizGyft is a new company and product line that combines a business card on the front with your Merchant Branded Gift Card on the back that may be used as an incentive, a thank you, or retention reinforcement for professionals and service suppliers like real estate agents, insurance agents, car sales staffs, wealth management sales teams, etc. BizGyft capitalizes on the $1.6B annual business card printing industry by combining business cards with gift cards’ functionality, extending more than 1.5 billion Closed Loop gift cards into business card marketing, printing over 10 billion cards annually.

Back of Focus Brands Gift Card



Your Gift Card, added to the back of their Business Card, loaded and sold for you. All you have to do is opt-in. Since we already print your Gift Cards and sell them online through the Card Market Pro / One Card shopping cart, we have everything set up. We will be marketing your Merchant Brand to thousands of real estate agents and service professionals. They will buy their cards from, design the front with their business card, and select their merchant brand Gift Card of choice, which could be yours. Once their BizGyft Cards are printed, they will then purchase the value they desire for their cards with a value range of $5 to $1,000 per card.  We will then authorize the cards, transfer the value to you and send them out to be distributed for use by their clients and prospects. Think of it; someone is paying you to promote your business! You get paid in cash and also get the value of new customers and their additional spending.

BizGyft Partner Participation Benefits Include: 

  • Add new gift card revenue by tapping into the business card industry.
  • Get paid when the cards are loaded with value.
  • Acquire new customers through BizGyft’s pipeline of existing business card buyers.
  • Redeemable at your current POS; nothing extra is required.
  • Grow brand awareness through BizGyft’s marketing efforts.
  • Align your Merchant Brand with BizGyft and be one of the first to market with this innovative gift card and get a competitive edge.
  • Entice franchises to expand their gift card program for additional revenue.