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Sell More Gift Cards with BizGyft

We sell your gift cards, with a personalized business card on the front, to realtors, wealth managers, and professionals.

BizGyft Markets Your Brand to New Customers

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Card Market, formerly Sterling Card Solutions, your full-service gift card manufacturing company, is introducing a new business opportunity to expand your Gift Card Sales & Attract New Customers with BizGyft. Because you are a Card Market Pro/One Card Merchant, we are offering you an early opportunity to get involved and take advantage of this opportunity.

Bizgyft combines a business card on the front of your gift card. BizGyft’s customers are Wealth Managers, Insurance Agents, Realtors, Business Owners, Sales People, and Professionals. We are offering you the opportunity to recruit a sales force of professionals out in the marketplace to share your brand with new customers, at no cost to you.


How the BizGyft Program Works

Easy to Join

Since we are already integrated with your gift card platform, it’s as simple as flipping a switch to join BizGyft.

No Upfront Cost

Our clients pay for the gift cards. Since you already have a gift card program, there is no upfront cost associated.

Increased Marketing

We send out an email to tens of thousands of young professionals every single week marketing your brand.

Early Access

We are offering you early access. Become one of the innovative brands that leverages BizGyft’s explosive growth.

Virtually Free

You keep up to 80% of the load card value. With 17% of gift cards never being redeemed, BizGyft is virtually free.

Hassle Free

After you join BizGyft; we’ll take it from there. Monthly settlements deposited directly into your account.



Thousands of Professionals are Successful with BizGyft

“I was so glad that I was able to put my favorite restaurant on the back of my business card. I love introducing my clients to new local restaurants. BizGyft makes that possible.”

“BizGyft is a great way for me to market myself, while giving something of value to my clients. I mean… Who doesn’t love a free lunch?”

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