Your business card with a gift to remember

What if your business card was worth keeping? BizGyft allows you to print your business card on top of your favorite restaurants gift cards. BizGyft is great for networking or as a gift to show your appreciation to your valued clients.

Don’t get thrown away or forgotten

You work hard to acquire prospects, earn their trust, and their business. You need to meet people, build qualified contacts, develop relationships, acquire customers, and be remembered by them.



Use BizGyft Cards as an Introduction Gift for lead generation and networking. You may set your Intro value for each gift card as low as $5.


Thank You

Use BizGyft Cards as a high-value Thank You Gift to show appreciation and be remembered. You may set your Thank You gift card for any value up to $1,000.

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How it works


Find your brand

Click Find Your Brand to select the merchant to add their Gift Card to the back of your business card.



Order 50 cards and pay for them to be printed. Load Gift Card value after printing.


Upload business card

After checking out, you will upload your current business card or let us help design a new one.


Load and gift

After your cards are printed, click Load My Cards to add value between $5 – $1,000 on one or more cards at a time.

Getting people to connect with you is challenging

How do you get people you meet today to remember you tomorrow? How will you get your previous customers who have used your services before to remember you again and refer you to their friends?

BizGyft Card

We have partnered with great brands in your area to enhance the value of your business card with their redeemable gift card on the back for your prospects and clients.

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Sherri Griggs

Realtor / Life Coach

I’ve been using BizGyft cards as thank you gifts to everyone who gave me a referral this year. They love their BizGyft cards. It’s so cool to get a text message while they’re at dinner, holding one of my cards, thanking me for giving it to them.


Jacob Kupin

Realtor / Team Leader

After starting my own team this year, I knew that I was going to have to get creative to drive more leads for my agents. BizGyft cards have been a phenomenal tool for prospecting. I stand outside of event venues and pass them out to everyone.